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With an aim to promote healthy lifestyle, is your personal trainer to help you out with day-today fitness care queries. Relax… we don’t charge you with heavy fees or strict schedules! You may log in at any time and we are there for you to guide you through your fitness routine.

bodybuilding myths and truth in hindi language india.

We are a bunch of enthusiastic fitness freaks, who work round the clock to bring the most authentic information to you. Before publishing post we do a lot of research and consult the concerned expert to make sure we bring the best piece of article for you. Body-building is a science, not everybody can teach you that. Only a bodybuilder can explain the pain and process involved in bodybuilding. So, here we connect with bodybuilders, best doctors, health experts, Yoga gurus to bring the best practices to your desk.


While you may come across many other brands talking about the fitness and healthy lifestyle, we suggest you to follow because we have it all customized specifically for the Indian audience.
As a nation, while we have picked up with the gym culture, we do not really have the right guidance all across the country, other than a few metropolitans. With our readers coming from all across the country, you can rely on us for the most researched and authentic knowledge on fitness. Bringing it all in Hindi, the language of the nation, is one more reason why you would want to check out and not any other website.
Most of the times, you struggle hard to find alternatives of the items mentioned in international diet charts. Well, we understand your concerns and hence we are here to make your life easier. Doesn’t matter you eat olive oil or mustard, your source of protein is parmesan cheese or buttermilk, you consider Arnold as your fitness idol or Dara Singh as a role model, we would make sure that it connects with you all pan India.

Next time onward, you wouldn’t have to waste your time researching the diet plans and fitness regime you need to follow, you know where to log in. Right? Thus, is an online coach, inspiration and guide for the fitness freaks. Our Moto is to bring health and happiness

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramaya.
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu maa kashchit dukhbhagbhavet – Rigveda

May All be happy. May all remain free from disabilities. May all see auspicious things. May none suffer sorrows – Rigveda

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